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Acupuncture Atelier is located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. We practice many techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of patients , relieve pain , increase energy levels , reduce stress and bring harmony to their body.


We invite you to contact us and request a free information session .


Information about therapies and techniques we use in our clinic


  • Acupuncture

  • Moxibustion

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Diet Therapy

  • auriculotherapie

Treatments and Programs

Acupuncture Atelier always adapt to your needs :


  • Cosmetic acupuncture

  • Acupuncture for pain

  • Sight and hearing problems

  • Treatment of Anxiety

  • Insomnia and sleep problems

  • Smoking treatment

  • Weight loss

  • Skin problems

Deseamos ayudarle a recobrar el bienestar

Please contact us, we will  try to solve any doubt!



"After a diagnosis of breast cancer I decided I could try acupuncture. A dear friend told me about an acupuncturist passing query in Palma. He knew that acupuncture could help me, knew of its benefits and how he acted at the level of organs .

I came to your inquiry full of fear, insecurity, despair at having to undergo chemotherapy. We started with acupuncture sessions to reduce side effects of chemotherapy.


Xavier probed and assessed the state of the liver very important because it is the scrubber filter toxins. Apart from treating with needles she recommended me to take food and wines tonics to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy may be causing. Also I recommended nourish the blood and tone my kidneys with Chinese herbal medicine. My partner and I had massages taught us to unlock the abdomen and be able to perform them at home. Ultimately it is trying to find a way to strike a balance in all body organs.


One of the side effects of chemotherapy is the accumulation of heat. I experienced itching and burning in the mucous. My doctor told me that dry by heat and this could potentially cause infections, sores in the mouth and gums could ignite. We also deal with this, and it was a great relief the day I placed a needle and you can literally feel the accumulated heat out of my body, it was a great relief.


Another effect that caused me the chemo were phlebitis in her arms. Some burned veins and other veins broke even. The recovery was slow, long and painful. We conducted a moxa treatment by applying heat to a few centimeters in the inflamed area. What a relief !! It was very comforting to have the moxa.


Xavier was involved, I looked, he was interested and accompanied me during this stage of my life. Gradually it was setting up a system to try to maintain a balance in all organs of the body. I could get to the end of treatment, in very acceptable and satisfactory conditions.


I had no infection, also had mouth sores, nor had nausea or vomiting (not sure if it was by acupuncture or not). But I can say that my quality of life has benefited undoubtedly!


Today time has passed, chemotherapy and radiotherapy also passed. I'm finished doors and although Xavier visits are down, you continue to visit once a month, now we come to a more quiet stage. "

G. Margarita 47 years old.



"About 20 years ago I suffer migraines. Tired of taking a variety of analgesics and preventive drugs when a friend recommended Atelier. So I decided to give a chance to acupuncture.

For a month and a half ago I go weekly to  Atelier, I combine acupuncture with my acupuncturist recommended plants. I'm happy, delighted, migraines have almost disappeared. I wish I had tried it before !! "


Mary B. 45 years



"For over half a year I have been treated with puncture becouse the migraine I had for all my life.

More than enough time to take stock and see if acupuncture helps me or not. And I cn say so, and that has helped me to feel much better. The strongest crises have gone and I can lead a normal life

Cheers! "

Toni B. 42 años

Because I was in a deplorable physical and mental condition, with much anxiety and insomnia, I was advised about acupuncture. I searched the internet and from everything I saw what I thought was more serious was the "atelier". I made an appointment and I have to say that from the first moment Xavier gave me the feeling of being a good professional, but above all what impressed me most was the sense of calm and tranquility transmitting thing at that time helped me a lot. Now I have as many sessions and I reaffirm my opinion, I have improved and I still transmitting confidence.

I would not hesitate a moment to advise.

Thanks Xavi.


Xesc M. 68 years




"All my life I've had skin problems. Since acne and facial blemishes, to itching in different parts of the body.

I went to several dermatologists, I have taken variety of medications (with considerable side effects), I tried all the creams and treatments on the market many years and was on the pill that was the only thing keeping my skin under control. To finally conclude that the problem was not external but must be some internal imbalance.

I started my treatment at this center and I remain patient, and we must admit that the results are remarkable. It takes patience, but worth it, I assure you!

Unfortunately our Western medicine does not help us solve the cause of the problem we have, the only thing it does is eliminate the symptom, and that only get strong chemical based drugs that damages our body.

In this clinical solution it is to eradicate the root of the problem you have, and the best: a natural base! Listening to your body. Analyzing your mood, your feelings (essentials, our doctors nor considered), our eating habits and above all your life energy and that everything is in harmony. Your body and mind will thank. Thanks Javier. "


G. Tanya 35 years




"I spent many years with a sore horrible period so strong that once a month had serious difficulties to continue my daily life The doctors had only given me two alternatives:.. Or take the pill, or take a good dose of anti-inflammatories and painkillers to ease the pain. As I am little friend to introduce hormones in the body, I chose the latter. But every time my stomach resented more. ago about a year Xavier Li I proposed a treatment with acupuncture. She was convinced that would not change anything. But I had nothing to lose by trying. And changed. What allopathic medicine had failed in years, acupuncture was able to change my body in a matter of weeks, three specifically. In the next period I had I stopped feeling pain, and definitely left the painkillers. From this a year ago and still hardly believe it. "


Maria G. 39 years old.




"My name is Antonia and I have 77 years. The last two have suffered a strong sciatic pain and continued. During this time I have taken many anti-inflammatory drugs, including injections. I also did a lot of Rehabilitation, but the pain did not come to give in. One day a friend told me acupuncture and Xavier. He proved, the truth is that I have improved a lot. "


Antonia P. 77 years

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